Skin Care with SpinTrap-C

Peter H. Proctor, PhD, MD

skin care with spintrap-c

Skin care ? Spin traps destroy age-inducing free radicals in skin. In a press release from the American Academy of Dermatology, dermatologist Patricia Farris, MD, at Tulane University School of Medicine states, "From all indications, I suspect that spin traps will be emerging as a new technology in the war on aging".

Skin Care and Spin Traps

Our patents grant exclusive rights for spin traps in skin care.

Now, we introduce facial skin-care products based upon this exclusive technology. New "SpinTrap-C" combines the spin trap PBN with patented synergistic topical vitamin-C and a spin-label, TEMPO. Spin labels are potent antioxidant superoxide dismutases or "SODs", with their own skin antiaging and scar-reducing properties. Spin traps and spin labels compliment and stabilize each other.

Spin traps and spin labels also compliment other skin-antiaging treatments. For example, Vitamin-C and alpha-hydroxyacids make free radicals that limit their usefulness in skin care. The spin trap PBN scavenges free radicals produced by alpha-hydroxyacids such as lactic and glycolic acid. Similarly, spin traps and TEMPO trap free radicals produced by Vitamin C.

Vitamin-C is also unstable in topical formulations. So, most formulations use some derivative. However, only vitamin-C itself penetrates skin well.

Our advanced formula stabilizes vitamin-C so that it becomes practical for skin-care. Thus, SpinTrap-C not gives you the benefits of spintraps and spin labels, it also gives you the skin care and skin antiaging benefits of high-concentration Vitamin-C. Price is $85 for a 3-4 month supply.

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** For example, in The Wrinkle Cure, Dr. Nicholas Perricone notes that spin traps are capable of "Stopping Free-Radical Damage Before it Begins .." and that such agents 'create a barrier - a trap - that holds free radicals in place' so that they can be "stopped before they scar the cells that make up your skin." Dr Perricone also notes that researchers "found that the traps actually prevented the free radicals from moving from place to place and damaging cells."

"SpinTrap-C" is the trademark of Peter H Proctor, PhD, MD


Cerovive is the registered trademark of AstraZeneca for PBN disulfate.

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